Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Tired now

I don't want to go work tomorrow. I am totally zonked. Spent the entire weekend with da sweeties. Sleep? What's that?

This time Karen agreed to watch the kids so that G & S could have a weekend together. The weekend was the last bit of my vacation and I really wanted to get a bunch of other stuff done and to "recharge" for the carnage which is return to work after two weeks.

Saturday was one of the hottest days of year - it hit 100 degrees in Alameda. UGH. Karen's house does not have air conditioning. Alani was teething. Kyle was just plain grouchy. He loved his new swords (cloth covered foam swords from ren faire). Unforunately, he "lost" them by early evening because he was throwing them at people and such. He did get 3 warnings. *sigh* Finally gave in and threw everybody into the car for an hour car ride. Yes, Eeyore II has excellent air conditioning. Unfortunately, the kids did NOT stay asleep once we got home.

Alani woke up around 11:30, but went back to sleep immediately. Then she woke up at 1:30. Gave her a bottle and then she went back to sleep. Around 4:30am, I was awoken by the sound of her flat foot running down the hallway, into the living room and then into the kitchen and then back to the hallway. She started yelling "Mamah! Mamah!". Not in a crying mode, but more like she's pissed off that Mom ain't there.

I picked her up and snuggled a bit and she went back to sleep. Finally ended up lying down on the floor next to her (she was on a sleeping bag). Woke up with a sore shoulder and hip. Kyle came over and gave me a kiss on my sore shoulder to make it better.

Took the kids to the zoo. Bad idea. Kyle was very grumpy. Aunties got very grumpy. We left early and just went home. Kyle said he wasn't feeling well. He was okay once he got home. I gave him a time out for hitting his sister and that caused yet another melt down. *sigh*. Gayle came and picked up the kids finally around 4:30pm.

Karen & I decided that we needed a reward so we had sushi from Kamakura's. Had a relaxing dinner and watched the A's beat the Rangers. Go A's!


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