Debbie (debmats) wrote,

DCBowerCon aka BC/DC - Part I

Made it out the door by 4:45am, at the parking lot in less than 10 minutes and at the airport by 5AM. Got luggage checked in and had a breakfast burrito. Flight was completely full and on time. Got a MacDonald cheeseburger in the 15 minutes I had to transfer planes in Chicago. That flight too was on time and completely full.

an_sceal and tammy_g were waiting for me at Dulles - two dp's in the cooler!

Everybody had already arrived - basically I was to be the LILO. marigot, pezazul, mat_t, tiggrmish, greenmtnboy18, drinteot and Stanley. Plus 4? 5? cats, chinchillas, birds, turtles...

Lots of yakking and munching and giggling. Ice cream was made. Lemon ginger, cherry cheesecake, chipotle chocolate, chocolate-chocolate...

Called Lee - passed the phone around so everybody could chat a bit.

I think we called it a day at midnight, though I ended up listening to a book as it was only 9pm my time but then I went zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Saturday, we had a breakfast casserole, SCONES and Krispy Kreme donuts (I just had some of Tammy's yummy blueberry scones which she especially made because I made bambi eyes at her *weg*) for breakfast. Got to finally meet Lori! Then it was the pile into two cars and drive down to Colonial Williamsburg. It took us an extra hour to get there as it's also the same road to the beach. Made it just in time for our reservation at Marcel Desaulnier's Trellis restaurant. His is one of the shrines that Tammy worships at - I remembered watching his Death By Chocolate cooking series.

I had the savory cheesecake - it had asparagus, ham and I think tomatoes - very yummy. I was quite happy with my choice. Alex had the peanut butter, granny apple and something else sandwich. I think Tammy & Kev shared the savory cheesecake and the mixed grill. There was a nutty tuna - which had grapes in it.

Desserts. This was the main reason why we were there. I ordered the Death by Chocolate: This seven layer chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, and cocoa meringue extravaganza is the ultimate demise. There was ganache. OH MY! I satisfied my taste buds and passed the cake around. If anybody had eaten the whole thing, it definitely would have put them in a sugar coma. *g*

Spent the rest of the afternoon wandering around Williamsburg - it was probably close to 100 degrees. Met back at the air conditioned Barnes & Noble after two hours. Rehydrated and then hit several stores (the one with the best AC was the very expensive jewelry store). The candy store had some fantastic candied apples (one coated with oreos) and the peanut store. I walked out of the peanut store with 5 cans - pralines, butter toffee, honey nut, crab seasoning (yum!) and jalapeno. Two for work, two for the family and one for me =)

Mongolian BBQ for dinner. (not only M-BBQ, but Chinese, sushi, dim sum, and Thai - with 4 giant vats of rice - white, jasmine, brown and something else) Ugh.

2 1/2 ride back to Springfield. More yakking, giggling and of course, munching until very late.
Tags: bower, friends, travel

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