Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Vacation, Part III

Hmmm, where did I leave off? Ah...

Saturday, we went to the NorCal Ren Faire at Casa de Fruta. It was the usual insanity trying to get everybody ready for faire. I had told Lee the night before that we were trying to get out of the house by 9:30am. Well at 9:30, Mat was still in the bathroom. Oh well.

Diney ended up in my middle eastern costume. Foxy was wearing his new russet and gold noble costume. He couldn't get dressed until he laced both Rainy and me into our bodices. He's getting quite good at being a lady's maid *weg*. After watching us get laced up, Diney was veddy happy to not be wearing a bodice. I believe the term "ouch" came to mind.

Made a stop at Starbucks which took forever. Note... Saturday at 10am is not a good time to get a caffeine fix. *g*. Ended up at Lee's around 10:30. All of us were in garb except for Kev (and that was soon taken care of mahwhahahahahaha). I was very glad that I was driving - 7 people in garb squashed in Eeyore II. Yup.

Arrived at Faire just before noon. Lots of ooohing and aaahing at stuff. Got da fwish to try on garb - black cloth breeches, lovely red/burgandy shirt and there was this vest with multiple fabrics. He looked veddy good and was all set to buy the whole kit and kaboodle. That is until he found out that the vest was over $500. Nope, pretty, but NOT that pretty. Bummer. He did buy shirt & breeches and ended up with a lovely blue patterned vest from the Muscovy Traders that was much more reasonable. I actually like the blue one better.

I was good and did not purchase anything from da glass pusher - though if Mat hadn't bought the orange sunset with nifty sea glass, I would have been bad. Now Mat was baaad. *weg* 3 pieces!!! I think he made Michael a very happy camper. Next problem - how to get them home safely to Brooklyn.

The booth I was bad in was Nancy Chien-Eriksen's - I finally gave in and bought the cat with the teddy bear that I've been wanting. Also did a wee bit of Christmas shopping. Go me!

Enjoyed the Hahbhi 'Ru show - but I wish they had done the dance of "harvesting?" It's my favorite. I always enjoy watching John Compton do his dance with the tray of decanter and goblets on his head. 'Tis amazing.

Missed seeing Broon & Moonie again. Maybe next show. *g*

I was bad in Nomadia - they had a new black patterned over vest which I gave in and bought. Did get a wee discount which made me feel better. *g*

Did buy these nifty foam/cloth swords - one each for Kyle & Alani. Kyle loves doing the sword thing ever since he saw LotR. I figure if I get him the foam sword he can't hurt people with it. It sure beats him grabbing the first stick like thing (broom, branch, wooden spoon) and swinging away.

We stayed until closing.

Restrooms at main gate with real flush toilets was out of order. Major calamity.

Ended up stopping at Casa de Fruta for a quick pit stop and wine buying.

Trip home was uneventful. Dropped off half the group at Lee's for showers.
They let me have a shower first as I had to do the whole hunt and gather food for the group. We ended up doing take out Japanese & Mexican. Interesting combo. If I remember correctly, Kev had miso soup and a chili relleno/chili verde burrito dinner combo. Rainy & Diney wanted sushi with their chili verde and pollo asado. Lee & I opted for j-food. Everybody else had mexican. Was supposed to drink much wine, but everybody was zonked.

Was interesting to watch Rainy move and mumble coherently every time she heard the word "bacon".

Sunday, got up to early to take Kev to the airport. Waaaah! He needs to move out here. I miss having him around. =(

I believe Kev woke Rainy up to say goodbye by whispering "bacon"... *weg*

The rest of the bower pile slept in until 9:30 or so. Picked up Lee around 11 I think. I believe the speed around the apartment was "snail slow". Managed to get to Ole's around 1pm. I did mention people were moving very slooooowly. Much happiness with several orders of bacon. Pancakes, pecan waffles, and omelets. Lee was the only one with coffee though if you can believe it.

Quick trip over to Dark Carnival for some heavy book geeking. T'was fun doing the snatch and prezzie buying. You just had to make sure the book you were snatching was not already a prezzie for somebody else.

Much hugs from all and then I dropped Rainy off at the airport for her trip home. *sigh*

She also needs to move to the Bay Area. Or get a Tardis.

Spent the rest of the evening watching Buffy, drinking port, munching on salami, cheese, sourdough bread, angel food & pound cakes slathered with either raspberry fudge, orange chocolate or blackberry caramel sauces. Had some healthy stuff - like strawberries, raspberries and grapes, though they also got covered in sauces. Much yakking.

Monday, Diney, Sean & I were up and out the door by 6:30am. I had given Diney the choice of 1) sleeping until 7am, but Foxy would have to go home Sunday night or 2) sleeping until 6am and leaving the house by 6:30 so that we could get Foxy to work on time. She chose option 2. Traffic was actually great and we got to Stanford by 7:10am. Last minutes huggles and snuggles, then Diney and I were off to San Francisco airport. Dropped her off at 8am so that she could catch her 10am flight home. *sniff*. She needs a tardis also.

Mat was still sleeping when I got back. He ended up playing Xenosaga most of the day. I ended up finding a corner and reading. Sent Joey an email to see if he would be available to play that evening. After thinking it through, I decided to use the PHONE? and call him. Left a message. He did call back and we decided to meet for dinner around 6.

We went to Amarin for thai food. Special ordered the yummy green curry fried rice. Lovely. Mat was a good sport and tried the tom kha gai and the fried fish cakes. Soup was so-so, but he liked the fish cakes. He also liked the garlic chicken. Go Mat!

Ended up back at my place with left over cakes and sauces, more cookies and port. Yakked until 10:30 or so. Mat & Joey were fondling the foam swords. T'was scary *weg*. Mat was also molesting my gund bear again. He kept squashing in her face and sticking stuff in it. BAD MAT! May have chatted longer except that Joey had to go back to work in the morning.

Mat & I tried to watch LadyHawke, but he zonked and headed off to bed. I started to watch it, but I zonked and ended up sleeping on the couch all night. ugh.

Tuesday, we ended up playing some soul calibur II and then watched LadyHawke. For all it's contrivances, it's still one of my favorite movies.

Dropped Mat at the airport, then had to head home as I had left my purse there. Hello stupid... *sigh*. Got purse and then headed off to work. Picked up Isolda at the police department and we did the shopping for the bbq the next day. Human Resources has a health fair every year and the alternate transportation committee (which I'm on) always does the food. Got enough hamburgers/veggie burgers for 240 servings. Hope it's enough. 100 people had rsvp'd but I know more people will show up. Also the guys from public works always eat lots.

Home again. Apartment is quiet.
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