Debbie (debmats) wrote,

DCBowerCon - Any requests for stuff from See's???

Note to self: The door alarm is very loud at the snf. This is what happens when one leaves after visiting hours are "officially over". OOps.

The ferry ride over to SF and back was very relaxing. Sat on the top deck and basked in the sun while cooled by the bay breeze. Picked up chocolate and then walked over to Pier 39. Lunch at the Market Place - clam chowder and a crab/shrimp louis. Yum. Listened as the tourist at the next table "barked" over the phone to demonstrate his delight at seeing the sea lions and walruses. I'm hoping he was talking to a grandchild...

Took a nap as the nagging sinus headache got worse. Did manage to sleep it off. Sinuses are STILL clogged, dangnabbit!
Tags: life

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