Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Kidlets finally got here around 9pm last night. They'd been at a going away party in their honor - friends from Joaquin Miller wishing them well. Kidlets will be going to school in Alameda in September.

Alani & I snuggled and watched Kyle fight Ursula in the Little Mermaid chapter of Kingdom Hearts. I could feel Kyle's eyes on me and the clock EARLY this morning. I asked him, "what time was it?" It was 5:45 AM. I gave in and told him he could go ahead and play KH. His usual start time is 6am - had to make the rule after I found out he'd gotten up at 4am to play Spyro on Thanksgiving morning.

Alani slept in until 8am. Breakfast at Old Mac's. Dropped them off at home - they had a birthday party to go to, and then I went to Curves. Go Me!

Went to storage unit and dropped off tents and Relay for Life memory board. Pulled out two boxes to sort through. It's a start.

Insulin class - first of two. Learned about the different types of insulin. Quick lesson on how to give injections - one person actually gave himself his first injection - he didn't even practice on an orange first *g*. Got to see how a pen injection worked.

Visited Lee. Walked for a bit. Was going to grab dinner at the shopping mall, but nothing sounded good. Ended up having a baked potato at home. Need to pick up some nonfat sour cream - the one in the fridge expired two months ago. Oops.
Tags: diabetes, friends, kidlets

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