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More Vacation - Sekrut plots revealed...

Friday, pezazul and I went to the Velvet Grill for our most favorite hobo breakfast. (cottage potatoes, bacon and eggs all scrambled together served with biscuits and gravy). mat_t ended up with pancakes, I think.

Then we went over to Gayle's so that that Kev & Mat could get a massage. I ended up with two walking noodles instead of buddies after Gayle was done *g*.

Drove from Gayle's over to San Francisco airport so that I could pick up "my coworker Laure who was flying in from Los Angeles". Well, that's what I told Kev. Got over to the airport and looked at the arrivals board. Then dragged the guys over to the baggage carousel, but "Laure" wasn't there. Totally confuzzled Kev at that point as he noticed that the next incoming flight from Los Angeles was an hour delayed...

We waited at the bottom of the escalator, watching people coming down. A lady started waving at us, and Mat & I waved back. Now Kev had met Laure before and didn't remember her looking like that. It finally dawns on him that it's undinesprite!!! Much huggles and giggles.

Drove back to my house to dump off luggage and get ready for the evening. Went to pick up Lee... she just got in the car and said hello and she hadn't gotten a good look at the person sitting in the front seat. Took her a bit to realize that the person was Diney *g*.

On the road again - this time to pick up Foxy. I knocked on the door and got him - he had had a baaad day. He opened the driverside passenger door and said "hello" and then did a double take when he realized the person in the front seat was Diney *weg*. Absolute perfect double take. Lots of hugs and squeals. Definitely squeals.

Foxy had asked earlier in the week if we were doing something on Sunday. I had told him that he would be busy. Very busy. Just trust me. *weg*

Next stop, Macaroni Grill. Well, slight detour as I forgot to bring directions and thank goodness that we saw wintersweet and hubby assaultdoor in the wrong shopping center. They were able to point us in the correct direction and they actually beat us to the restaurant. Punted everybody out so I could pick up the Fopard contingent at work. Picked up andreal, tealfox and rikoshi at Cisco and then headed back.

Got to restaurant and was told that we were NOT on the wait list, that they had never even heard of us. Excuse me, but I had called the day before to put my name on the "wait list". They don't take reservations. I even talked to the supervisor as I said we would be a group of 12 and that one of the people was going to be on his dinner break and only had a limited time. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

So we went over to Applebees and they were able to feed us an excellent dinner. Thank you Applebees!

Paulie, Noah & Rikoshi were very understanding as I had informed them of plot II earlier on. It was with their help that I was homeward bound by 10pm.

Sped down 880 and got off at 98th. Proceeded to drive into Oakland Airport. At that point, Foxy finally asked, "why are we here?" I answered with something like "it's the scenic route". Parked the car and gave everybody the option of waiting or going in. Much whispering at that point *g*. Everybody piled out and we made our way to the Southwest terminal. Standing outside yelling something about "what took you so long" was ame_chan. Hugs and lots of squeals when she realized that Kev & Diney were there.

Do you know how hard it is to keep a sekrut for 3 weeks??? *weg*
Almost blew it with Kev, which is why he thought we were picking up coworker earlier.


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Sep. 9th, 2003 06:59 pm (UTC)
Aren't Sekrut Plots fun?

My father and I both have a taste for such things - I must have inherited it from him. I still haven't equaled his 'hop in the car in Duluth early afternoon Saturday, drive down to Minneapolis for dinner theater, then take wife out to hotel' - all without her knowing anything about it! He'd even slipped a pair of packed overnight bags in, and she didn't know they were there!

My best was a couple of surprise birthday parties.
Sep. 10th, 2003 12:04 am (UTC)
Oh YES! seekrut plots are a joy =)

I think it was my dad who got me started in secret plots. I remember my sisters and me sitting in the back seat of the car while we picked up Mom from work. It was her birthday ya see. Picking up dinner - typical dinner with 3 young kids - so she thought. We drove into MacDonalds, right into the drive through and right back out again *g*. Ended up at a nice Japanese restaurant for dinner. Mom was very pleased.

I love pulling off secret plots. *weg*
Sep. 9th, 2003 11:34 pm (UTC)
I know! It was soooooo hard to keep the seekruts!
Sep. 10th, 2003 07:03 pm (UTC)
I think I'm jealous. I haven't seen everyone (well except for Mat - him I did just see but considering that we live like 3 hours from each other we don't get together all that much must correct that) in forever.
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