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Relay for Life 2009

Got to Relay just before opening. Managed to get a parking space just across the street from the Brewster Street entrance. Go Me! Got car unpacked with a little help from Laure and John, her hubby.

Spent the next half an hour setting up. Cheered on all the survivors as they did the first lap. 4 year old Hanna is an old hat at relay. She had her purple survivor shirt on - it reached past her knees. She zipped along the path on her scooter - a tiny blonde waif with a big smile on her face. She is still our youngest survivor.

Boy you could tell which campsite was Team Redwood City. Not only did we have our blindingly bright tye dye t-shirts, but fancy sunglasses, peace signs and beads. Several teens handled the snow cones along with Magda's son Gregory (aka Goyo). I didn't have to do a single snow cone - YAY!

We sold lots of tye-dye shirts and snow cones, blinky rings and smiley faces and glow in the dark necklaces. Our team raised about $15,000!!! Kudos to our team captains Laure and JP!!! Sgt. Kathy was again the top fund raiser! Woot!!!

Our dept admin assistant, Sylvia - who was on another team, teased her daughter because she'd joined us in the tye dye revolution. Next year, Sylvia says she'll have to top us with some fabulous t-shirt.

I think breast cancer awareness was a common theme of several of the high school groups - one campsite was decorated with bras in a rainbow of colors. Loved the teen group who's theme was "SAVE OUR SECOND BASE".

K came by and we walked for a while, then decided to grab a late lunch at Max's. G got there about half an hour later, but she couldn't figure out where the restaurant was, so she waited on site. Brought G back a mega mango jamba juice so she was content. We walked for a bit more. Then K & G went crazy with decorating luminarias. I think Lou Vacca's had a stove with lots of pots and pans bubbling away. My try at drawing flowers was a bit sad.

I had printed a bunch of luminarias for coworker Debbi J. - and it was a weird to see "my writing" all night and think "ha! there's one for my family! But it wasn't". It confused K & G too - that's my printing, but they had no idea who these people were. It's so sad, most of them all had the last name "Jones". Debbi lost 7 of 9 siblings plus her parents all to cancer and Debbi herself is a survivor.

Firefighters were cooking dinner as usual. Hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken patties, and veggie burgers. Hamburger was tasty. (they did pancakes for breakfast too!)

Luminara Ceremony. Watched as more survivors circled the path then followed along. K, G & I walked in silence, reading all the luminarias, looking for familiar names. Remembering. Uncle Tosh's was right past the main stage. Vicki Brown's was just at the first turn. Mom's was at next turn. Grandpa's, Jenny's, Uncle Joe, Auntie Mako & Rick's, Irene's...

K & G both looked at me and said "Irene's last name is Kishi". For whatever reason, I had thought her married named was Niiya. It's not. It's Kishi. They ragged me on it for the rest of the evening. So everytime I passed Irene's luminaria, not only did I say "Hi", I also said "Sorry..."

Walked at least an hour. Then K & G headed home. Skip stopped by around 11:30pm, and walked and yakked for a bit.

I took over from Gail S. around 1am and walked until 3am. Did a lot of thinking. *sigh* Weather was cool and just a little cloudy - perfect for walking. No blisters this year. JP and pals took over at 3am. I updated lj via my blackberry and sat for a while. Got my courage up to use the portapotty one more time (the portapotties were pretty gross for some reason this year. ick ick ick). Crawled into my sleeping bag, put on Curse of Chalion on the ipod (next camp over was loud and wide awake) and managed to sleep until 5:47am. Heard familiar voices - Alison was perky - waved to them and went back to sleep until 7:30 or so.

Packed up my stuff, helped tear down our campsite. Was sore on Monday - not from walking - but from all the squatting and bending I did picking up confetti and cleaning up. We basically needed to have the area clean. (confetti, bottles, paper, etc)

Walked for a bit. Saved Mom's luminaria. Debbi was picking up all her luminarias and it just sort of hit her then. Gave her lots of hugs.

Closing ceremonies. Our relay had raised over 98K dollars as of 7:30am that morning. We were going to easily hit 100K before this relay was finalized thanks to everybody who supported us! Thank you!!!

One final lap. Lots of hugs.

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