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Vacation, Week One - Prior to Sekrut Plots.

I think I need to look at my scheduler to figure out what I've been up to the last week or so.

Thursday, August 28th: Went to dinner with nikari, his friend Nicole & Foxy. Then Foxy & I went over to the splash splash place. Got room 9 - Bats - lovely steam room, hot tub & very cold plunge. Brr..

Friday, was a get ready for Kev to come visit. Didn't do a whole lot. Oh well, my friends love me any way. *g* Went over to Gayle's for my monthly massage. ouch ouch ouch. Okay, so I haven't been stretching like I'm supposed to. My neck was and continues to be a mess.

Saturday, zipped over the Oakland airport to pick up Kev. Ended up eating at Chin's for a quick lunch. Hot & Sour soup was delicious (and very spicy!) as always. Went over to the coliseum for the A's vs Tampa Bay. Met Karen, Gayle & Kyle - Steve & Alani were both sick, so they stayed home. It was Kyle sweetums' 4th birthday. A's won! There was a fireworks show after the game. Awesome as usual, though they did have a mishap with one rocket going awry. dang. Thankfully, the injuries were few in number and not too extensive =(

Sunday, Gayle, Karen, Kev & I headed over to the King's Mountain Art Fair in Woodside. There were lots of lovely stuff, but I was good and stayed within budget *g*. Karen bought me a new purse for my birthday. Michael, da glass pusher, was there - but I didn't buy any new pieces for myself. Did however get Gayle & Kev's birthday prezzies. Was going to get one for Karen, but she didn't find anything that made her *poing*. Michael said he had had a wonderful Saturday - he had sold over half of his pieces (he had 70 originally). Oy.

Karen, Kev, lilacfairy & I headed over to Zachary's for dinner. Yum. T'was crowded as usual - had to wait to just get on the wait list, if you can believe it.

Monday, Kev, Lee & I went over to Sonoma for a bit of wine tasting. We went to Chateau St. Jean and ended up tasting several wines in the regular tasting room and then tasting some other lovely stuff (cinq cepages cabernet sauvingnon and a late harvest johannesburg reisling). Kev & I ended up with over a case of wine. Our picnic lunch was crashed by a hoard of yellow jackets - we changed tables twice before we found one that was fairly buzz free.

Then we went to Viansa and spent much more time tasting all the yummy dressings, sauces and munchies than wine. Did buy a bottle of their dessert wine - Frescolina. Will have to get trektone to taste it.

Tuesday, Kev & I went down to Carmel for the day. Did a bit of shopping and much *not* dodging waves. The problem with standing next to somebody who is taller than you, is that if the wave hits him first, it deflects and totally engulfs the shorter person. Like ME.

Drove back Water Course Way - picking up Foxy on the way, and had another enjoyable evening at da splash splash place. Got room 6 - Dragonflies - more steam, hot tub and cold plunge. Cold plunge was not icy cold - Foxy was even able to soak in it without immediately jumping out.

Ended up at Buca de Beppo's for dinner. Still have leftovers in the fridge. oy.

Wednesday: Happy Birthday to Me? *g* Kev took me to Kamakura's for sushi lunch. He was veddy good and did NOT inform server that it was my birthday. They do evil things there. Like sing. Loudly. Usually lead by Faith, the owner.

Gayle called and sang me happy birthday and then dumped on me that she had messed up her OFFICE computer. She's already messed up her home computer. Basically, she had saved her home client database over her office database and wanted to know if I could resurrect her office database. Nope.

She later called back and had Kyle & Alani sing me happy birthday. OOOh sweeties.

Joycie called and sang happy birthday too. *weg*

Costco run... bought much food for the weekend.

Kev & I picked up Lee, and then picked up Foxy at BART and went over to Dark Carnival for the Charles DeLint book signing plus some major book buying. Got to talk to Clary & her new hubby Clint and also talked to Heidi(daughter of my coworker Barbara who passed away earlier this year).

2nd year in a row that I ended up with a guilty pleasure type dinner - we went to Nation's for a sloppy hamburger and fries. Yummmmmmmmm...

Thursday, picked up Mat deer . Went over to the wharf for an early dinner and then we did the evening tour of Alcatraz. I've lived here my entire life and I had never been there. Really enjoyed both the guided tour and the audio tour. The views at night of the city were fantastic. Mat & Kev took lots of pics. I want copies!
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