Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Relay for Life - The Bake Sale Challenge

We're having a bake sale at work on Wednesday. I usually do simple stuff like brownies or chocolate chip cookies. I want to do something different.

So, my friends, does anybody have an EASY, do not need mixer (as I don't own one), do not need food processor (don't have one of those either, except for very small two cup jobber), but very tasty cookie or other baked goodie recipe????

Relay in 10 days.

Shout outs go to greenmtnboy18,mbumby, an_sceal, pezazul and trektone! Thank you!

You can still donate! Donations of any demonination are welcome and very much appreciated! My donation page can be found here.

Luminarias are also available! Let me know you've left one and I promise to say hello everytime I walk past it =)
Tags: relay for life

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