Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Blackberry's stuck on "place call" option. Not sure what's going on. Feeling like blue screen of death type issue. This phone is less than two months old???

Alani sweetums is finally out - sleeping in the middle of the bed. Picked her up around 7pm. Dinner at Applebee's. Walked over to Petco to check out da birdies, fishes, reptiles and mouses. Big hints for a hamster or ooooh a guinea pig. So cute and all. Sorry kiddo, Auntie K is allergic to furry stuff. Best bet at this point is a goldfish.

Walked back to Loard's - it was raining inside. Something broke - wasn't really the sprinklers as the water was warm. Alani did get her usual scoop of chocolate ice cream before they closed the store. Saw the fire dept arrive shortly after to deal with turning off the water.

Border's for a quick book fix. Walked out with dvds: 1776 (finally!!!), Labyrinthe and the 1994 version of The Little Princess. Alani liked TLP a lot. Labyrinthe will be on a day time play list.
Tags: kidlets, life

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