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I am so looking forward to the weekend. I'm wiped. Not physically, but more mentally I think. The thought of locking myself in my apt with a pile of books sounds wonderful.

The last several weeks have been "not at home". Teen/Cat/House sitting - while there was down time, it wasn't the same as it was not in my cave/haven/hobbit hole. Got phone call the other day from T, that he needed to go out of town next week, so would it be possible to Teen/Cat/House sit again. Looking at my calendar, I could only do it on Monday & Tuesday. He was going to check with Sony and get back to me. Then I thought about it some more and I don't think it's really necessary as it's a shorter period. We'll see.

Last Thursday was Dining Out for Life. herefox and I had a tasty dinner at C'era Una Volta. It was a 4 course fixed price menu and I chose the caesar salad, the mushroom risotto, the grilled salmon with a few bites of canoli for dessert. Chianti! Yum.

Packed my faire gear (once I found everything) and then crashed early.

Friday morning, we went to Jim's for breakfast, then off to LA. 2 stops (one at the Iron Skillet for a snack) and we made it to Casa de Kitties. Lots of kitties. And a dog. And two teenagers. And ame_chan!!!!!

Em is still taller than I am. Actually, so is Sorcha. Not fair.

Dinner at a carribbean restaurant. My jerk chicken salad was good, but I think I got served regular soda instead of diet. Ended up asking for iced tea instead. (after I had drunk maybe a 1/4 of it) I should know better by now. Just order iced tea (unless I'm in Canada or southern states).

After dinner, I left Rainy & Foxy talking fiber and went for a walk. As my blood sugar had been a bit high before dinner and the possible soda sabotage and a day of driving, walking made me feel better. It also got rid of the kinks and lowered the blood sugar.

Dollhouse! WtF? What did you do to my Wash?

Faire! Rainy's place is much closer to Faire - but we didn't get there until after 11. Lots of eating, shopping and giggling. Two gorgeous teenage daughters brought out Rainy's inner Mother Bear. hee hee. If she could have hung a sign around Emily that said "14 - jailbait", she would have. Even though Sorcha's of age, it didn't lower Rainy's hackles as much as she would have thought. =)

Loved the expressions on some of Rainy's faire friends' faces when they saw the girls. Yup, they've grown up. A lot =)

Chutney lady had hot spicy pickled asparagus. YUM!!! Rainy bought me a jar. hee!

Lots of walking and no shows. No wonder feet were tired.

Curry for dinner. Crash zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

Brunch became lunch. T'was good. Jalapeno, mushroom, cheese and bacon omelet. Foxy's apple oat cakes and Rainy's banana pancakes overflowed their plates. Tasty though.

Made it back to Mountain View before 7pm (two stops). Pizza dinner at Kapps.
Home by 9pm. In bed by 10:30.

Tags: dining out for life, friends, ren faire

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