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Sunday, Sweet Sunday

Having a lazy day. Teen is out with his girlfriend and will be back for dinner. Cat is feeling very clingy today and has been crawling into my lap for snuggles.

On my last week of Teen/Cat/House sitting. Did chat briefly with Tom this morning. He'll be back on Friday. Friday, I'll be on my way to LA for usual SoCal Ren Faire adventure.

Finger needed first aid - I scraped my knuckle earlier in the week, and have re-injurred it several times. *sigh*

When the downstairs neighbor closes his door (he's not slamming the door), the whole building shakes. His dog Frodo is one of those small yappy dogs. There is no way to come into the building *quietly* when the dog is awake.

A's win! 7-1 yay!
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