Debbie (debmats) wrote,

And Then There's The Cat...

Robby and I need to come to an understanding. I don't mind sharing the bed with him but...

This habit of his - Vulcan Mind Meld at 3am has got to go. He puts his paws on my forehead, and drapes himself over my head. My reaction *Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat*!!! doesn't make either of us happy, but he continues to perfect the meld. *sigh*

He also needs to learn that sleeping on my back can be dangerous. When the alarm goes off, I move and then I hear a *yowl* out of him as he goes rolling on the bed. I am not used to having a bedmate.

He is a very affectionate cat - Burmese - dark sable brown with green eyes. Very, very soft. When I'm at the keyboard, he likes to sit on my hands or on the keyboard - which makes typing difficult. Program typos!!! I've shoo'd him off both, so now he insists on sitting on my lap.

He likes to put his paws on my shoulders and cuddle like a baby. Kawaii desu yo!
Tags: cats

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