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Boy, do I need a nap

Spent majority of day at Kyle's 4th birthday party. T'was held at Krusi Park and had about a gazillion of his preschool friends attending.

Had made finger jello in 5 flavors per Gayle's orders - seemed that the grown ups were enjoying it more than the kids *g*

Had to do an emergency trip to Safeway as one of the lavash sandwich trays went boom. Stupid lid didn't fit on very well.

Got to put faces to names I've been hearing about the past few years. Kyle's screaming buddy, Niko. Madeline. Skyler. It was very much a family style picnic sort of party. The only activity Gayle had planned was the make your own t-shirt - she provided t-shirts and fabric pens. Seemed to be a big hit with parents and kids.

Lots of sun, lots of chasing Alani around, lots of chasing party excited/lots of cake and not enough lunch birthday boy. Making sure he was nice nice to the other kids. Ugh.

Last night went over to herefox's place for a delicious dinner and catchphrase/apples to apples gaming night. Fun evening spent with Foxy, nikari, lilacfairy, trektone, raikawolf and David. Age sometimes helps - at least I knew who Sal Mineo was *g*. Got home around 2:30am and made the final 3 flavors of finger jello. (only have 4 pans, so had to split them up)

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