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So there are kidlets in my bed again. A Sunday night you ask? There was much hooey on Saturday because the kids were supposed to have a sleepover then, but there was a miscommunication between G & S. Alani was in tears and all. As the kids are on Spring Break this week and Monday is a telecommute day for me, tonight works. G will pick them up in the morning. The kids know that I need to work, so they have promised to keep themselves occupied.

Kids were dropped off around 3pm. We went to the comic book/cards store on Park Street. Very sad kidlets as the store was closed due to an emergency. They both had money for those precious pokemon cards. (allowance plus money made doing extra chores). Quick trip to Target and kidlets were very happy and much poorer. Picked up their Easter prezzie - box set of cards - though they'll get them tomorrow instead of Sunday.

Dinner at Applebee's. Slow service plus starving kids didn't go over very well. Then, after waiting "eons" for food, they ran out of chicken fingers. Horrors!!!! Oh man, I was braced for World War III, but Alani was happy with fries and mac & cheese. Kyle ended up with a steak, some buffalo wings, fries, veggies and a shrimp or two. Ice cream from Loard's as usual.

Watched War Games. Kyle liked it. Alani was bored.

Kyle recently bought the cheat book for Kingdom Hearts, so he's back to playing it.


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