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It's a gorgeous day! Sunny, with a light breeze - perfect spring day.

Yes. Then why was it soooo hard to leave the apt and head out to the Farmer's Market this morning?

It's been a busy week.
  • Kev was here until Thursday.
  • Kyle had a sleepover on Friday. Dinner at Applebee's. Keoki-chan must be in a growth spurt. He ate a 7oz sirloin steak and chicken fingers plus steamed broccoli, french fries and some buffalo wings. Then he had a scoop of ice cream. Oh and some hot cheetos while watching Eragon. I woke to the sound of machine guns. Uh oh. He'd been watching the Xenosaga dvd... He had 4-5 pancakes and hash browns for breakfast
  • Took the kidlets to the movies (Monsters vs Aliens in 2D) Movie was cute. There were many places I was giggling, but the kids weren't because they didn't have the history. Oh, and the kidlets killed a large popcorn - I may have gotten a handful or two, but that's it.
  • Dinner with herefox followed by a quick zip through Wednesday's American Idol. Why didn't Megan go home on Thursday??????
  • kanef's house filk - much fun! There was filking by flashlight between 8:30-9:30pm. We stayed until 1am, but there was still about a dozen people left

But I eventually did make it to the Farmer's Market. Fresh spinach linguine and black pepper fettucine! Daikon, sourdough bread, mushrooms - white and brown, green onion, and asparagus.
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