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weird dream

Had one of those very vivid dreams last night.

I think I was originally heading out to Fisherman's wharf, but ended up further down the coast. Came over the top of a hill and saw the ocean at the bottom of the cliffs. Water was very blue with lots of white caps. Day very sunny. Felt like I was more around Santa Barbara than San Francisco. Street name was "Ports". Parked the car - the car was my old AMC Concord which was totaled in 1988. Started walking down path to beach - was thinking walking in zoris would be a pain when my shoes suddenly turned into sneakers. Path looked like it had been a road at one time which was now blocked off. Saw what looked like a dead racoon, but turned out to be a Meeko plushie from Pocohantas. Saw sort of creepy person on path, but he went the other way.

Woke up - my alarm went off. It just felt so real.

what's your inner flower?

[c] sugardew

Tags: dreams, meme

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