Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Yup. Spring is the air - especially in my head. Acchoooo!
Now where is the Zyrtec?

By now, pezazul is about half an hour out of St. Louis. It was great having him around for the last 6 days =)

Saturday, picked up da fwish at the SFO and then we did a quick trip around Stanford's campus so that he could figure out where he needed to go on Monday. Then some retail therapy at Dark Carnival.

Speisekammer with trektone and lilacfairy for a yummy dinner. Afterwards, there was tasting of absinthe and cognac (both the real thing and the equivalent American brandy). Ate certain Christmas prezzies as I didn't them mail then and I'll have to go to Recchutti and replace them before DC BowerCon...

Sunday, we had dim sum for brunch, and then headed out to Berkeley. Went to Other Change of Hobbit and Chocolatier Blue. The chocolate place had a very good day on Saturday, so pickings were slim. Next time. *g* Did mention that Joey sent us *g* Dinner at Kamakura's.

Monday, we made it out of the house by 6:45AM, stopped by Starbuck's so Kev could get his caffeine fix and still made it to Redwood City by 7:40am. Yes, I shocked Laure - even though I had warned her that I'd be carpooling. Kev took the car on to Stanford and made it there okay.

Monday evening, I hopped on Caltrains to San Mateo. Was meeting Kev and herefox at Melting Pot for FONDUE! YUM! I walked all the way around the block before I figured that the Melting Pot was actually part of the train station. I had gotten there early, so I sat in the sunshine and read this month's book - Rainbows End by Vernor Vinge. It took me forever to get into that book!!!!!!

We had ordered the Quatro Formaggio (fontina, gruyere & gran queso cheses blended with roasted garlic, basil and tomato pesto and mozzarella Perlini ) for starters, but there was a mix up and we ended up with the Cheddar Cheese Fondue - medium sharp cheddar, Emmenthaler, Swiss cheeses, lager beer, garlic and seasonings. Still delicious!

We had the Coq au Vin broth (fresh herbs, mushrooms, garlic, spices and burgundy wine). Ordered the Pacific for 2 (teriyaki sirloin, shrimp, pork tenderloin, duck, chicken and potstickers) and the French Quarter (cajun shrimp, chicken and filet mignon and Andouille sausage). Everything was very tasty!

No dessert. Kev would have been the only one who could have had the chocolate fondue. I could have had a bite or two, and ditto for Sean.

I think Kyle would love fondue. Alani? The cheese part maybe. Though, I think the two would love the chocolate fondue. Could bring them there just for dessert...

Mondays - all wines are half off...

Tuesday, I was at work by 7:30! After work, took the train down to Mountain View and beat Kev there by a good half an hour. Got to finally meet sage_deer (Aaron). Watched Dollhouse (okay, I'm hooked) during Crack Dinner. We yakked for a while after dinner, then Sage had to leave. Rock Band next. Kev had never played. I still have major difficulties with guitar and I won't even mention how horrible I am on the drums.

Wednesday, got in by 7:40. Relay for Life Tamale lunch - raised over $500!!! Next up, is the ice cream social in April.

Kev & Sean met me in Redwood City for a quick dinner at Citrine's. I finished Rainbows End while we waited for our food. It did catch my interest somewhere after the first 50 or so pages.

Drove back just in time for the book club meeting. Good chat, good cookies, good company.

Thursday, brunch with Kev & Lee at Jim's. Then time to drop Kev off at SFO. Wont' see him again until DC BowerCon. *sniff*
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