Debbie (debmats) wrote,

More Consonance

Saturday started with the buffet breakfast at hotel. My omelet had spinach, mushrooms, ham, onion, spinach and blue cheese. Yum!

Since we had lots of time, herefox and I walked over to Michael's. After watching a lady work on a gorgeous cross stitch piece (cat napping on a bookshelf - books with cat titles *g*), I was inspired to try stitching again. So I bought a beginning counted cross stitch, a beginning stamped cross stitch, an eeyore stamped cross stitch pillow case and couple of other kits on sale.

I started on the very simple stamped cross stitch, but I am running into the same problem I have with my eyes and focusing on lines. I tried to explain it to Foxy, but I don't think he quite gets it (young whippersnapper!). I don't have binocular vision, and just using one eye doesn't help. I think what I need is one of those lighted magnifying lamps. Satin stitch works, cross stitch is smaller than my eyes would focus with the lights in the room.

Missed the first bit of Moira Stern's concert. I wouldn't have done so if I had known she has a concert harp *sigh*

Concerts! Margaret and Kristoph! braider!

Weird dinner - Happi House Chinese Chicken Salad and Togo's! Well, I changed my mind and got the tempura dinner instead of a number 16 Togo's sandwich at the last minute. Foxy did have the salad and salami & cheddar sandwich.

Playing Rapunzel was awesome! *squeeeee* They did Thousand Ships in Greek again. Sholem too

Vixy and Tony's GOH concert was wonderful too! Need another album from them soon.

Ouch! catalana fell and twisted her ankle badly while stepping off stage. Wishing her a quick recovery!

I went to the Gently British Filk Circle, but didn't stay very long. Too crowded and too hot. Ended up in the other room - the big harp was there. Yay! Lots of death and destruction and Walter (aka The Habitrail Named Klein). Made it until 4am.
Tags: consonance, filk

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