Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Consonance 2009

Lots and lots of music stuck in my head...

Friday night highlights include:

  • The Dinner with a Movie Concert with D.W. and Loretta Wilson turned out to be a surprise concert by the Ropers! Apology still gives me gigglefits. Loved "Stuff"!!!!

  • catalana's Toastmistress Concert. Especially liked "Mother" and "Ruins"

  • The Bohnhoffs and ohiblather's springing their parody of Red Right Hand on vixyish and tfabris. Also Debbie's shirt with Jeff's 80's picture *g*

  • Knights in White Satin by the Bohnhoffs - Maya's singing the "flute part" was just awesome and gave me the shivers!

  • Kristoph and Margaret's versions of Arise My Love *sniff not on a cd* and the one song on Storming Heaven (title I've forgotten again - which I had especially asked Margaret about in the dealers' room *sigh*)

I know I made it past midnight, but???
Tags: consonance, filk

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