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Da Weekend with da Mouse

My sister Karen & I headed down to Anaheim at a little after 9am on Friday. Had decided against going really early in order to do two full days at Disneyland. Had decided against bringing Kyle because 1) it was going to be way too hot and crowded. High tourist season. Ugh. 2) Gayle & Steve would really miss seeing Kyle's reactions to Disneyland. 3) Karen & I decided that we'd take the entire family for birthday prezzies in October.

Stopped at Taco Bell in Coalinga for a quick lunch and break and were at the Dodger stadium exit before 3pm. It took 90 more minutes to get to the hotel across the street from Disneyland. Love L.A. traffic (NOT!)

Checked into the Park Inn - it was on "special" on expedia - pretty nice - bed was wonderful. It's directly across the street from Disneyland - so very convenient and two doors down from MacDonald's (kyle & alani's favorite). We scoped the area - probably will stay at this hotel or one of the other 5 on the block for family trip.

Went to Mimi's - Marie Callendar type restaurant for a quick dinner - back to hotel for wash up and change and then headed out to Shawna's concert.

The directions to the church were a wee bit - can you say - misleading!!???? *grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr* The street numbers go from 17000 and up and the church's address is 2201. There was nothing in the directions which mentioned, turning off onto a side street and that the church was on the end of a cul-de-sac fronting the freeway. We only found the place cuz we saw it from the freeway overpass.

Karen & I sat ourselves down in an empty row about 8 rows from the front. I was opening up the single use camera and reading instructions about it. Karen and I chat about this and that and then she asks me - "does Tadesse wear glasses?" "Yes, why?" "I think he's up in the second row." I look up, do a double take and dash up to the 2nd row. "SONY!!!!!!!!"

Okay, it may not have been cool to run up the aisle and yell, but hey, who cares *grin*. Yes, it was my bestest friend and she yelled too so there. She was there with her sons, Paul & Tadesse and Shawna's best friend Wesley. Hubby Dave was supposed to have been there but he messed up and had a wedding to officiate. Him slightly dead meat *g*. Much huggles. She didn't know I'd be there and I didn't know she'd be there. It was GREAT! I hadn't seen her since her Dad's memorial service last August. I had called her house right before leaving for the concert, but got the answering machine. I had wanted to know if she had any messages to pass on.

Much yakking before and after the show. Really enjoyed the singing and dancing! Shawna was great! (and it's not just auntie talk either) I could have done without the fundamentalist preaching. Yes, just love it when told that I'm basically going to hell because I'm buddhist. This was the first concert that was very fundamentalist in the "speech" part and also the first one that the adult group leader did lots of talking (she's the one that did the preaching too) Oh well.

After the show, we went back to the hotel to change and then met Sony & kids in Downtown Disney. Shawna was performing Saturday night in a concert with Avalon (big name christian group) and wanted to go to Disneyland, so the kids all took off for the park, and Sony, Karen & I had a love time at the Rainforest Cafe. We yakked until 12:30am. Our server gave us a 25% discount coupon to use in the store downstairs... I think it was a *HINT* for us to leave. *g*

Crashed at the hotel. Slept very well - bed very comfy. *I* was up at 6:30am. Showered and ready by 6:45. Woke Karen up at 7. mwhahahahahaha. I had to promise to get her lots of *GOOD COFFEE*. We were at the park by 7:45 with tickets and all. Made it for opening! (much to karen's chagrin) Ended up at the Carnation Cafe on Main Street - that's where I first saw Mickey Mouse waffles. Karen did get her coffee. (t'was a veddy good thing)

Sony, Paul, Tadesse & Wesley arrived around 9am and we spent the next 5 hours wandering around the park. Rode Indiana Jones ride & Pirates of the Caribbean. Stood in line for over an hour for Splash Mountain - and then it broke down. Waited another 25 minutes and then gave up. I think they fixed it 15 minutes later. Oy. Park was veddy veddy crowded. Went over to Downtown Disney for pizza lunch and then parted company as Sony & family were flying back to Sacramento and then driving back to Yreka that afternoon. Bummer.

Karen & I did some shopping in Downtown Disney - and I only bought myself a cup. The rest of the stuff was for Alani & Kyle. Really, that's it. A couple of t-shirts, pink hefflelump (purple checked wuzzle was not cute enough). Karen picked up a stuffed nemo and one of the fish whose eyes bulge out and has something to do with ellen degeneres. And a few t-shirts. We also bought them one each of the battery powered toys that light up and the lighted arms twirl around and has nemo swimming around in the middle.

Spent the rest of the day riding stuff - matterhorn was cool. Space Mountain is being refurbished and won't be open until 2005. Dang. Ate dinner at 9pm in the Blue Bayou - really love that place. We actually were resting our feet while waiting for our reservation - the park is chaotic in New Orleans Square area at that time - Fantasmic is performed at 9pm & 10:30pm. SO MANY PEOPLE. Ugh. Ended up having drinks (diet coke and mint julep) and splitting a chocolate chip cookie. Great appetizer.

Got to sit right next to the water and watched all the boats float by on the pirates of the caribbean ride. Several groups waved and sang "yo ho, yo ho a pirates life for me". Karen & I both had a bowl of the gumbo and she had the cajum salmon and I got the prime rib. There was enough meat there for three meals. I'd hate to see what the bigger size cut looks like. Oy.

Back in the hotel by 11pm. I'm getting old - I used to be able to do the 7am until midnight with no problem. Showered and asleep before midnight I think.

Sunday, we hit the road around 11am. Lots of traffic on highway 5. Gads, tourists. They just can't drive. If people are passing you on the right, move over and get your butt out of the fast lane *g*. Turn signals are nice too. My telepathy is not working too well - which is probably a good thing - when you cut me off. Home at last by 6:15.

Time for bed.

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