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My mouse is sticky. Keoki-chan played computer games last night while eating ice cream. My alcohol wipes do come in handy for cleaning things other than fingers.

Did the Curves things three times this past week. Yay! It's a start.
Also walked too. Pedometer needs some adjusting. Curves workout on Friday netted me 1373 steps. Saturday's only came to just under 300. Something's wrong.

K, Alani and I did the Farmers' Market. Then we spent the afternoon on the wharf. Rainforest Cafe for lunch. The usual walrus and seal watching =)

Alani's choice of movies for the rest of the afternoon - Kimba, Bear in the Big Blue House (her favorites when she was a little girl *g*) and Sesame Street sing-a-long. She was feeling a bit run down and just wanted comfort stuff.

Yup. She was burnt out. Hissy fit on the way to dinner. Kyle wanted Applebee's. She finally calmed down once the food got there - it was definitely touch and go until then. She couldn't make up her mind what to eat, so I got both the chicken fingers and the mac'n'cheese off the kids' menu for her. Ice cream to go -

Alani was in bed by 8:15, with snuggles and the first 5-6 chapters of an abridged version of the Wizard of Oz.

Keoki-chan played Final Fantasy X until 10 or so.

Around 4:30, I got rolled off the bed and went to sleep on the couch. Kyle decided to sleep diagonally, so he probably had more than half the bed. He was up around 7 to play more. Alani was up by 8 (my radio alarm had gone off by then), but she crawled her way onto the couch and slept a bit more.


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