Debbie (debmats) wrote,

I made it to Curves. Go Me again!

Dim sum lunch with lilacfairy. Yum!!! She hasn't been dim sum'ing since the last time we did a bower group run. Oy. That's been at least a few years.

Slosh... lots and lots of chatting and small cups of tea. =)

A couple of weeks ago, I had another lovely lunch - this time with andreal. I hopped on the train from Redwood City to Menlo Park (one or two stops over) and we had lunch at Cafe Barone. We split a hot pastrami sandwich and the turkey combo. Yum. Did a bit more walking up the main street (I know where Penzey's is!!!) - yakking and window shopping. Learned how to use the validator for the 10 ticket pass and what the heck the zone upgrade ticket is for. (Redwood City is in zone 2. Menlo Park is in zone 3) It's very doable time-wise - basically took a 90 minute lunch.
Tags: life

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