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First it was koalas, now it's keys

Oh where, oh where did my house keys go?

I had them in the morning, because I used the wrong key fob to try and get into work. I have two identical key fobs - one gets me into work and the other opens up the security gate at the apt.

I'll check the car again in the morning. I'll ask Laure to check around the office. Emailed herefox to check his apt. The only other place I had them out would be Whole Foods. *sigh* It is a lousy feeling to get all the way home and not be able to get in. Good thing I've got a set of keys at K's.

If they're lost, I've got to replace the apt key, K's house key, the security gate fob ($25!!!!) and the storage locker key.

ETA 02-18-09 12:36pm FOUND THEM! They had fallen between the seats in the car! Yay!!!
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