Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Da Wind...

One thing that I have yet to get used to is the sound of the wind rushing between the two apt buildings. It's like a wind tunnel. Currently, there are winds gusting between 25-40 miles per hour and it's like banshees screaming. Loud.

Maybe I saw the Wizard of Oz one time too many as a kid? Or it was that horror/science fiction movie - the one where the women were from some place else and could pull stuff out of the oven using their bare hands and the winds would come and something bad happened. (have no idea what the name of the movie was - it was in black and white and I'm impressionable)

Anyway I hear the wind and strange thoughts come to mind. Hmmm, the only enclosed room in my apt is the bathroom. Wonder if I need to drag a mattress in there at some point (vivid imagination mixed in with watching disaster films is not always a good thing)???

Loud, screeching even, winds sort of freak me out - not overtly, but way down in that primitive brain.

So, it's time to turn on the stereo LOUD and maybe do some cooking.
Tags: life

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