Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Happy Valentine's Day and Happy St. Melenna's!!!

The apt is very peaceful right now - that will soon change *g*

Kidlets were over last night - G has the death plague (stay far away from me - I don't want any more chest colds this season!!!). Udon for dinner. Quick trip out to Safeway for milk and eggs and then a stop at Loard's for an ice cream treat. Kyle is still hooked on bubble gum and Alani is being a purist and just eating chocolate.

We made the sugar cookie dough. Watched Howl's Moving Castle again. Kyle played Final Fantasy 10 for a bit - it's easier then Kingdom Hearts. Kidlets were in bed by 10:30, though it took a bit to go to sleep - much giggling in my bed. Alani asked that I lie with her and next thing I know, it's 5:45 in the morning. Keoki-chan is watching the clock, waiting for the all important 6am - he's not allowed to play video games until 6am. He ended up sleeping until 6:30 *g*

herefox, Kyle would like your help with da video game...

Pancake breakfast as usual. I then dropped off the kids and K & I went to the Farmers' Market (artichokes! kabocha! spinach!). Costco was next. I now have a 1 TB external hard drive. =)

Kids will be over later to cut and decorate Valentine's Day cookies. Sisters are looking forward to their Killer Koala I Wuv You ones.

I'm wearing my ribbon and bead necklace that Kyle made for me *squee*
Tags: family, kidlets

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