Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Things to be thankful for =)

Talked briefly to Joycie yesterday - she'd spoken to Lisa's sister and the surgery had gone well. Everything looks good, preliminary tests came back negative. No ribs needed to be removed! The mass was the size of a small baby (5-6 pounds?????). Eeek! Lisa was feeling well enough that she was ready to go home today, but good drugs will do that to you. She may be in another few days?

Kidlets tonight! Sweeties! I see a trip to either Kamakura's or Acapulco - plus one to Border's in my future. I need to clean out my memory cards or maybe go buy one just for Kyle. Alani's got a bit of a cold left, so we'll be using a humidifier tonight.

According to the itinerary, K is somewhere between Valencia and Barcelona right now. Hope she's having a blast!

I'm currently reading Jim Butcher's Fury series. I'd read the first one when it first came out and didn't really get into it because it wasn't a Dresden book. Just wasn't in the right mind set. Re-read it on Wednesday and am totally hooked. Now on book 3...
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