Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Please keep my friend Lisa in your thoughts and prayers. She's having surgery tomorrow to remove a tumor/cyst which wraps around her side. Initial biopsy shows it to be benign, but there's still a chance that something worse is there. Hoping that it will be an easy removal, but she has been warned that she may lose two ribs.

Note to self: If the Blackberry's battery is totally run down, make sure to RESET the drat phone connection. If you don't, then those important incoming client calls - DON'T GET THROUGH. (and I'm in trouble again) Turning the phone off and on will NOT automatically reset the connection.

I know about that problem - I just don't always remember about it.
Bright green Post-It note is now attached to back of phone. *sigh*

Jook is on the stove. Comfort food =) *sigh*
Tags: friends, work

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