Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Had the kidlets last night. Dinner at Applebee's - the kids were "starving" and they both wanted the regular chicken fingers platter. I usually go with what they tell me - even Alani has eaten pretty much the whole thing. By the time dinner arrived though, the shadows under Alani's eyes were pretty dark. Kyle too. They runned out of gas. *g* Well, that's what to go boxes are for =)

Ice cream for the walk home. Come to think of it, there's still a cup of bubble gum and one of chocolate in the freezer.

Kids watched Escape to Witch Mountain again. Alani gave up about 3/4 of the way through and wanted to go to bed. 8:15. Man, she was exhausted. Out in 5 minutes I think. Kyle on the other hand, finished the movie and then played the first HP game until 10.

He slept through his watch alarms (6:50 am and 7:05 am),but I heard them both *sigh* Both kids were up by 8am - Kyle was playing Spyro (and asks that I get another one for him to play) and Alani played Neopets for a while.

Breakfast at the usual place.

Farmer's Market - haven't done any serious shopping since before New Year's. Lots of veggies. I see curry stew, jook and hot & sour soup in my future.

Added wire basket shelves to the pantry. Haven't gone through the pantry since I moved, so anything I hadn't bought recently, therefore, is at least two years old. I wonder how long caviar is good for?
Tags: kidlets, life

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