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Catch Up and Some Happy News for a Change

Got some joyful news today - Shawna was promoted to one of the female dance leads during rehearsal camp for the summer's tour. Go Shawna!!! I'll get to congratulate her in person this Friday.

Gayle has been dropping comments like "all of Kyle's friends have already gone to Disneyland" or "your nephew would REALLY love to go see Mickey Mouse". Well, if Karen can get off work, it looks like we'll be taking the little man with us this weekend.

Shawna's younger brother Tadesse also had some fantastic news. He's been in Toronto all summer attending the National Ballet of Canada's summer session (aka month long audition). The school is one of the top ballet schools in the world and the only one that focuses equally on academics and ballet. When his parents flew up to pick him up and they were astounded to find out that not only had Tadesse been accepted to the school for the fall session, but he'd been awarded a full scholarship.

I'm sure that there had been lots of thinking and praying in that house. I mean, he's not that old - he just turned eleven in May. Well, on September 8th he will be returning to Toronto for the school year. Wow... what a huge step.

Hmm will need to break out the cookie pans and start making care packages.

* * * * * * * *

Sunday started out with snuggles from Alani & Kyle.

Then I went to Rosenblum's Summer Open House. Met trektone there and we spent the next four hours tasting all kinds of wine and munching yummy breads, cheeses, grilled veggies and of course, Tucker's specially made ice creams - zinfandel with chocolate chips and a vognier sorbet. The zinfandel ice cream was made with bottles of the reserved zin. Oy. Need I mention that Joey & I stood in line 3 times for this stuff???

Loved the usual stuff - the kangaroo cabernet sauvignon, the vanilla, the chocolate, the zinfandel ports. Despite all the temptation, I actually only bought two bottles of wine - a merlot and a mausanne (sp??). Go ME! Next party, we need to drink lots of wine as I've got more wine than I know what to do with.

Decided that a regular meal would be good after all that wine, though in total, I think I drank less than glass. But y'all know me, I turn bright red after the first sip. *sigh* Ended up at India Palace. Had the usual stuff - palak paneer, lamb vindaloo, chicken tikka masala, bhindi masala, lots of rice, naan and samosas. (Lots of leftovers too.) Good thing the restaurant wasn't too busy, as Joey and I chatted for 2 1/2 hours.

* * * * * * * *
Tonight, met herefox for dinner. Neither of us wanted to cook and I really was in the mood for sangria. Mondays that are full of meetings tend to do that to a person. Ended up at Fiesta del Mar for dinner. Sangria was good as usual *grin*

Well, so much for making my 11pm "be in bed" curfew. Just realized that it's almost midnight. Oh well.

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