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Birthday Greetings and Other Stuff

Happy Birthday Lambkins!!!

Just washed 10 cups of mochi rice and left them to soak. Some time tomorrow later today, da family will be making mochi. Gotta love the mochi maker.

Saturday, K & I went to Tokyo Fish Market and picked up stuff for New Year's. Mochi rice, regular rice, dashi with no msg, nori, and veggies.

Spent the rest of the weekend relaxing and reading.

Lots of year end/start stuff for payroll at work. Busy, busy, busy. For the last working day of the year, I made waffles at work. John brought whipped cream and berries as usual. Somebody else brought juice and Gina J. brought sausages. Yum! Got to chat with people I don't usually get to see.

Dinner at Foxy's - salad and spicy stew for dinner. We watched Dr. Horrible's Blog and then played two hours of Rock Band. Picked a screechy song to start with - bad idea. My voice was not happy with me at all.

Dinner tonight will be crab. Maybe some asparagus and noodles or sourdough bread. Have to pick up a cake or make one. Probably the former unless G & kidlets make one. Also, I'll be making the oshogatsu stuff for New Year's Day.
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