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So, I made it over to K's around 9:45am. Could hear the kidlets bouncing off the walls from two doors down *weg*.

Stockings were opened. I should have gotten everybody one of the screaming flying monkeys, instead of just Kyle. There was much giggling from Auntie Karen while she sent the monkey flying...

Alani was very happy about her webkins black cat and the neopets kacheek. Chocolate!

Brunch - G made waffles, eggs benedict, roasted potatoes, grapes and strawberries. Glad she likes to cook!

PRESENTS! Kids had a blast. Legos. Pokemon cards. Books. Neopets. Doll clothes. Yet another nerf gun. Alani was okay with her IOU. *sigh of relief*

After the frenzy, Alani played with her paper folding dollhouse, the neopets faerie play set and the little pet shops school kit. Kyle was reading one of his Secret Agent - Jack Stalwart book.

Chatted briefly with misstsapinay,her bf Geoff, and Wesley - they stopped by to exchange gifts. Talked to Joycie over the phone - her brother's in the hospital and healing wishes sent his way would be helpful and very appreciated.

Dinner at cousins Ted and Barbara's - got to meet cousin Luke's new girl friend - Katie (who happens to be cousin Allison's bff). Luke is also sporting two red marks on his neck - not hickeys - sore spots from nerf darts. Luke dared Kyle to shoot him with Kyle's 2nd nerf gun of the day and what can I say? Kyle's pretty accurate.

Ted loves to cook. Roast chicken, fish, lamb. Sashimi. Grilled prawns. Broccolini with mushrooms. CRAB - that's a Matsuura side tradition. Kyle is really getting into this tradition. Lynn's cornbread. Spicy Mac'n'Cheese from a favorite Adachi restaurant. (t'was tasty - will have to find out which restaurant). Sticky rice with chinese sausage.

Left around 7:30 - kidlets were getting to the witching hour and all.
Tags: christmas, family, friends

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