Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Christmas Eve and more...

I haz new furry slippers!!! My toes are nice and warm =)

Also some books, KINGDOM HEARTS (the middle game), bright pink A's jersey and lots of other cool stuff. Thank you!

Tuesday, had dinner at herefox - spicy chili! He tortured me with Mamma Mia! I did enjoy it... *g*

Christmas Eve day started with me going into the bathroom and seeing that the showerhead was missing. Went out to ask Foxy what happened. He sheepishly shows me the showerhead with the wrench stuck around it. It was really stuck. Hmmm. The wrench has an automatic tightening/loosening feature - which runs on AAA batteries. So we went to Long's to pick up new batteries - but the wrench would not let go. A visit to the hardware store was in order, but they weren't opened yet.

Breakfast at Jim's. More yum...

Picked up a low tech wrench at the hardware store. Showed the guy there the stuck wrench and asked the guy there if he knew of anyway to unstick wrench. He used a screwdriver to move the showerhead and voila!

Went to Scalise to pick up prime rib. They couldn't find order and I couldn't get a hold of G to ask her what name she'd put the order under.

Stopped by G's and she was home (had been doing laundry, so missed the calls) and she called Scalise to confirm the order. Turns out the order was there, just in a box on the back block and it was for more than just prime rib. Prime Rib for 9 people, shrimp for scampi and pork butt for char siu. Ouch! *g*

Back to my place. Foxy installed my oxygenator showerhead (powerful, even if it is low flow). I'd been meaning to install it in this apt ever since I moved in, but my wrench had gone missing...

Finished wrapping gifts - and they all had ribbon on them thanks to Sean.

Back to K's for dinner and Sean was installing K's new dvd+r. Picked up lilacfairy. Prime rib dinner with shrimp scampi, garlic mashed potatoes, asparagus, spinach salad with mandarin oranges and almonds - balsamic vinegrette dressing. Grapes! Corn bread! Gingerbread! Amaretto cheese cake! Stonegate 1997 Cabernet Sauvignon. Much Yum!
Tags: christmas, family, friends

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