Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Note to self: Alani does not do evening stuff well yet. S had the kids all day and Alani would have done better to have gotten a nap or something.

Tonight's Nutcracker was great the first the half for the kids, but the second half got long. Just ask the guy behind us who kept falling asleep. We could tell by the snoring *g* Did not see any flips by mice. Which one was Tadesse then? Did like the snow.

G ended up taking Alani out right after the Waltz of the Flowers. One pissed off kidlet.

Oh well.

Most of my packages are wrapped. I'll go to the post office tomorrow with the ones that are ready to go. Happy New Year! *g*

My left pinkie is ouching as I type - paper cut! See, wrapping presents is hazardous to my health.

PSA - I'm in the red tent for the 2nd time this month. Not fair. Pre-menopause? You have been warned. Grump, grump, grump.
Tags: family, life

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