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I usually love to have all my holiday shopping done by the first of December. Going shopping on the Saturday before Christmas is insane. I end up feeling overwhelmed. My introvert self wants to run home, slam the door shut and crawl under the covers.

Unfortunately, the kidlets are not very orgranized as to what they want for Christmas. Where is the list that most kids have done in October?

Alani would like a dollhouse (her mom is making noises like "something big") and it needs to be small and portable and playmobil. G and Alani are on opposite ends of the spectrum I think. I find this out on Thursday. There is a playmobil version and an amazon vendor has it for $32.99. K & I go toy shopping, can't find it and decide to just order it online. Lo and behold, the item is now listed at 249.99!!!!! Somebody has been smoking something funky. Go to the playmobil site and order it directly from them and hope the express shipping gets it here by Christmas, otherwise there will be an apology from Santa. It was $31.99 there.

Alani still believes in Santa. Kyle now knows that Santa is the spirit of giving and all good stuff like that. He wanted a Legos Star Wars Republic Gunship. We told him, upfront, that it was not in the budget, but he could save for it and buy it himself. He could also build credit by doing certain jobs around the house too. So he's okay. He said he'd be happy with any Legos Star Wars set...

Kyle also had made sure that I knew which Wii game he wanted and that it was at the game store right around the corner from Jim's and that he'd personally show me exactly where it is and and and...

The game has been bought and is already wrapped, so he is for sure getting one thing that he really wanted. Got the last copy at the Game Stop in Redwood City.

Farmers Market, Toys R Us, Target, Cost Plus, BevMo. I am safe in my apt, the door is locked and I don't have to leave until tomorrow evening. K, G, the kidlets and I are going to San Francisco Ballet's Nutcracker - Tadesse will be one of the mouse lieutenants who does back flips *proud grin*.

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