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Last Friday was supposed to be a relaxing type day. Instead, it turned into a bit of rush rush shopping frenzy.

Went to the post office to pick up a package - but the line was out the door and then some, so I decided to go back later.

Caught the 9:25am ferry to San Francisco and got off at the Ferry Building. Hit a few of the specialty shops and then walked to Pier 39 for more shopping. Picked up a paper Victorian foldout dollhouse for Alani. Alani is currently into the period - her American Doll, Samantha is about the same period.

Had lunch at the Pier Market - clam chowder and a crab louie. YUM! Had a window table, so I was able to watch the boats, the seals, the walruses and just people watch.

Walked down the wharf - stopped by the Barnes and Noble looking for the second Joshua Palmatier book (they didn't have it).

Caught the 1:30 ferry back. Short line at the post office, so I picked up my package. Picked up G's meds (joys of no insurance. NOT! OUCH! Merry Christmas Babykins...)

Went to Target, Dark Carnival (yay! they had Cracked Throne!), and picked up Zachary's pizza for dinner.

Picked up Sean at BART around 6:30.
Watched The Dark is Rising aka "The Seeker" aka this isn't how I remember the book???
I crashed shortly there after, but left Foxy re-reading the Dark is Rising...

Saturday - a quick trip out to Macy's as Sean had forgotten to bring his Dicken's shirt.

Dicken's tickets were courtesy of Ogg! Thank you!

Got to Dicken's around 11:30 - we're usually there for opening. Lots of people this year. One of the shopkeepers said that attendence was up 40%. Had a lovely tea. =) Bought Alani a party dress in mauve. Will have to get Kyle a hat - but he'll have to be fitted.

Oberon had a crane in flight barrette. MINE!

Had thought about catching a show at Mad Sal's, but it was packed. Habhi Ru was there too!

Stopped at G's to drop off Alani's dress. Alani loved it! Yay!

Back to my place for a quick change, then picked up lilacfairy. Off to Palo Alto - for dinner at The Counter (fancy burger place). French Fries! Sweet Potato Fries! Onion Strings! I'm not crazy about sweet potato fries - so more for Lee and Foxy. =) I had the ahi tuna burger (Ahi Tuna Mixed with Pickled Ginger, Topped with Furikake Nori, Daikon Radish, Carrot Ribbons and Scallions. Served on a Hamburger Bun with Wasabi Aioli.) - cooked "as rare as possible". T'was yummy.

Alexander James Adams Yule Concert! He was in fine form - a bit on the goofy side! Had giggle fits during White Unicorn and Contradance. I want to say it was a "relaxed" concert - but it was high energy too. I think it was because he was so comfortable up on stage. Not sure if that makes sense.

Sunday - Foxy & I spent the day in Carmel. Brunch at Friar Tuck's. Lots of shopping - found a new wine shop. Was bad there. Foxy was not helping. Though, I only bought one bottle for me - a Boekenoogen Pinot Noir from the Santa Lucia Highlands. Can't wait to try it!

Lush! Foxy was very bad there.

Walked on the beach - pouring rain and all =) It was lovely and peaceful! Very few people out in the rain (duh, I wonder why?).

Came home, had a slice of pizza for dinner and was in bed by 7pm. Of course, I woke up after 1am and couldn't go back to sleep until close to 4:30am. Oh well...
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