Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Catch Up...

I'm behind again...

Monday, December 1st - annual See's Candy distribution - $1900 worth of candy to sort through - it sounds like a lot, but it's actually less than 200 pounds. Had it done in less than an hour and half.

Friday, December 5th, the kidlets and I had a quick dinner at Target's snack bar of all places. It was one of those evenings of "I don't want this" and "I don't want that" and Target had popcorn and hot dogs and mac'n'cheese. And slushies! Yum... ??? I just had some popcorn and a diet coke.

Went to see A Tale of Cinderella - a musical version which wasn't Rogers and Hammerstein, at the Douglas Morrison Theatre in Hayward. Wesley was in it! He's grown a goatee! He sang and danced - his dancing is coming along nicely. Kids and I enjoyed it very much. The fairy godmother had a magic spoon instead of a magic wand. Loved the gondola - play took place in Renaissance Italy =)

Kids were tired - 8pm performance after a long week of school...

Kyle did wait until 6:09am to get up - he played Spyro until he finished the game around 9am! Alani slept in until 8:30 or so. Met up with K and had breakfast at Jim's. It's easier to get the kids a regular pancake special - pancakes, egg and bacon, rather than a kid's pancake plate (have to order eggs and bacon on the side).

Dropped the kids off and K & I went to the Farmers' Market. Kaki! (persimmon) Yum!

I spent the rest of Saturday and Sunday on Perl. Study, study, study. Caught up on the homework. Did the programming part of the final. Ugh.

Monday, did some more studying and then took the written final. More Ugh.

Tuesday, dinner at herefox's. Broccoli and spinach soup with crusty sourdough bread! YUM!!! Watched more Pushing Daisy and then much Rock Band. It helps when you hold the guitar the right way...

Thursday was extremely busy!
Last minute prep for the Finance Dept Party. Lunch at Red Lantern. I had the pork adobo - it was sweeter than what I'm used to, so it was "interesting". White Elephant gift exchange - the most popular items were 12 year old Scotch, several bottles of wine and the movie tickets. Silliest gift was won by Chuck - How to Talk to Girls.

My movie choice was Quantum of Solace. I'd seen it already, but I felt like I had missed stuff after being overwhelmed by all the car chases and explosions. I had. Still really like it and well, Daniel Craig... *weg*

5:01pm - RCMEA Holiday Party at Portobello Grill. Lots of lovely munchies and an open bar. I hear that the open bar got very dangerous. I know of at least one person who didn't make it into work on Friday... I won a Starbuck's gift card. Joe won the netbook! =)

Dinner at Palo Alto Sol, then on to Theatrework's Long Story Short - the new musical play by Groovelily. I liked it a lot - even though I needed a bunch of kleenix...
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