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Dec. 2nd, 2008

Friday was spent with a pile of books, lots of pillows and a cocoon of blankets. Antisocial? Yup. Then I went over to K's for dinner - lots of turkey day leftovers.

Auntie Clara and Patty were there - mainly because Patty had forgotten her camera the day before and K had talked them into coming back for leftovers.

We were joined by the Savants - Didi and Dominic and their kids, Nathan and Elsa. Nathan was singing at a tree lighting ceremony and they were taking Kyle and Alani along.

G commented that she was really happy that I'd stayed the entire time. I burst her bubble by saying that I had stayed because I was sandwiched between their cars and my car had been acting weird and I wanted lots of space to get out. *g*

Yes, the radio has been losing its preset stations and now the car would start and then stall - not all the time, but just enough to be a pain. AND the car would feel like it would stall at times, but not quite. Battery???

So Saturday, I took the car in. Turns out the battery checks out fine. What was dying was the idler (control? gizmo?) So I had that replaced and the car serviced. Ouch. There's something wrong with the radio, but it's cheaper to just replace the whole thing at some point and I can live with resetting the radio stations as everything else works fine.

Went to the Farmer's Market for veggies. I see spicy curry stew in my future.

Sunday, did some of this and that around the apt. Picked up Foxy at the airport (his plane was delayed), had dinner at Carrows and then dropped him off.

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