Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Books Read in November

Title Author Comments
Affaire Royale Roberts, Nora re-read
Kitty and the Silver Bullet Vaughn, Carrie re-read
Christmas Angel Beverley, Jo
Backstreet Hero Davis, Justine
Moving Targets and Other Tales of
Lackey, Mercedes
Protected In His Arms McMinn, Suzanne
Merrick's Eleventh Hour Rosnau, Wendy
The Calling: Death Calls Pineiro, Caridad
Forbidden Magic Beverley, Jo
The Magicians and Mrs. Quent Beckett, Galen M.
Winter Fire Beverley, Jo
Mara, Daughter of the Nile McGraw, Eloise Jarvis re-read
Magic to the Bone Monk, Devon
Terrier (The Legend of Beka Cooper,
Book 1)
Pierce, Tamora re-read
Something Wicked Beverley, Jo re-read
Sight Unseen Graves, Samantha
Devilish Beverley, Jo
Suite 606 (Ritual in Death, Love
Endures, Cold Case, Wayward Wizard)  
Robb, J.D.; Blayney, Mary;
Langan, Ruth Ryan; McComas, Mary Kay
Bone Yard Gagnon, Michelle
Diamond Bay Howard, Linda re-read
Cast in Fury Sagara, Michelle
Secrets of the Night Beverley, Jo
Mission: Christmas: The Christmas
Wild Bunch/Snowbound With A Prince
McKenna, Lindsay; Grant, Susan
Midnight Rainbow Howard, Linda re-read

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