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Thanksgiving 2008

Another Thanksgiving gathering has passed. Kyle was one very sad kidlet because it was all over and he'd have to wait another 365 days until the next one. Alani was asleep in a few minutes =)

So, this morning, Kyle gets up very early, uses the bathroom and then goes out into the living room to play more Spyro. It was still dark, so I figured it was probably after 6 - so I just closed my eyes and went back to sleep. NOPE! He later confessed that he'd started playing around 4:15AM!!!!!!

Sometime around 7:30, I hear this "Auntie, I need help. I can't get over the tower to the castle...". I check the clock, and just go back to sleep. I was NOT going to get up to help him with a game!

Got up around 8am. Cleaned the yams and put them up to boil. Next, put the mexican dip together. Finished defrosting the spinach and then put together the spanokopita filling.

Starving kidlets - I made Mickey Mouse waffles. Kyle had 5 of them, Alani had 3. Oy.

Quick shower, and then I made the spanokopitas - the phylo dough was uncooperative - tore all to pieces. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR... Oh well.

Kids plated the finger jello in a design that only they could envision =)

Left the apt at 11am. Picked up flowers - lots of mums, blue irises, red/yellow daisies (Kyle's choice) and yarrow (Alani's choice). A yellow rose for the obutsudan. Picked up ice. Got to K's just before noon.

Steve got the carving job this year. Lots of people arrived early, so there was much snacking and yakking before the official eat time. 26 people this year. Mich, Dave and Miya were going to stop by after going to Elaine's side of the family first, but Miya had hit the witching hour, so they ended up going straight home. Louise's sister passed away suddenly last week, so Art & Louise had just gotten back from PA and needed some down time. Never heard back from Tadesse - hope he had a good Thanksgiving.

Brendan and Kyle had a blast together. Light sabers, swords, and nerf weapons. Alani had her big cousin Gina to play with. Kenji and Michael were really great with the kids, though I think they'll be a bit sore tomorrow. Joshua, at 16 months, is adorable - he's got beautiful big eyes and cutie pie grin *g*

Auntie Nobuko is fragile, and not always "there". She sometimes doesn't recognize us. *sigh* It's sad that the rift between her sons exists.

Clean up was done by 10:30 - Skip ended up doing most of the dish washing, K, G and I did most of the food clean up and took turns drying the dishes. I think this is the first time ANY of my male cousins did major KP *g*

My feet are tired. I'm craving some of the spinach dip. Leftovers tomorrow at K's.

Bed time.
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