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Let me see, where did I last leave off? Ah yes, meanwhile back in NYC...

Sunday, Mat and I drove up to the Sterling Forest Ren Faire where we met Mishi & Kalli (Em). Had lots of fun meeting up with Mishi again and meeting Kalli for the first time.

Had the experience of driving through a firefighter fund raiser - firefighters standing in the middle of the street with donation buckets - t'was interesting.

The site was more like Blackpoint Forest. Lots of trees - a lovely lake and a lot less dust. Oh and FLUSH TOILETS! Yes!

Found a lovely spot to watch the Birds of Prey show - under a huge, shady tree (don't ask me what kind - it was green and leafy), right next to the lake. The show was held in a large meadow and since it was early, there weren't a lot of people. Just kicked back and chilled. *sigh of pleasure*

Wondered about all the shops, saw a few necklaces that I would have liked to get. Mat says I didn't poing very well. *grin* Well, I did like them, but it was kind of "I like this stone with that setting" sort of thing and this trip I was trying to be good as we had Santa Barbara faire and lovely B&B at the beginning of the month, NYC in the middle and WorldCon at the end. Did end up getting my hair braided for the first time - I liked it. I think I'm going to have to do it again at Northern faire.

After faire, we went back to Mishi & Kalli's hotel and yakked for a bit and then went out to the steakhouse at the hotel. Got the ribs and bbq chicken combo - ribs were good, chicken... ah well, can't have everything *grin*

Drove back to NYC - crossed over bridges, paid lots of tolls (remind me not to complain too much about Bay Area tolls) and made it home in one piece. I swear, the concepts of merging, usage of turn signals and driving defensively all seem to be missing from many of those drivers' education. Oy...

Monday, lazy sort of day - got up late, played ddr, had soggy pizza for lunch (mat says the pizza place has good and bad days). Watched some anime (somehow the entire set of El Hazard and Moo Joo Foo Nabisco ended up in my suitcase). Ah then, I got to drag Mat to watch my niece's show. (best friend's daughter)

We drove from Brooklyn to Toms River, NJ. Toll roads, toll bridges etc. Going faster than 55 miles per hour in the rental car meant much shaking of body *oy*. Car needed much better shocks, wheels or something. Followed the directions to the show location and found ourselves in a residential neighborhood in front of a house. There was no way that this was the right place. I think that they had put contact address in the location address and vice versa. We ended up at some wee convenience store and got most of the customers and clerk involved in "where the heck is Bay Ave. and how do we get there from here" Everybody was very nice and we managed to get to the East Dover Baptist Church. Yup. I was dragging Mat deer to a Christian gospel/evangelical show. Mwhahahahaha. The group was made up of kids from 12-16 and this particular group had kids from Hawaii to Maine to Florida. This is Shawna's 2nd year doing this - last year was the Carpenteria, CA to Fairbanks, AK tour - this year it's the Kansas City, MO to NYC. Before the shows, the kids come out and greet the audience - one of the questions that was asked was "have you ever seen a Young Continentals show before" Most people had not, but I was able to answer that this was my second.
"Oh? How did you hear about us?"
"My niece is performing"
"What's your niece's name?"
"Wow, Shawna's in the back. Does she know you're here?"
I got a big hug from Shawna with a few tears mixed in. I hadn't seen in since last year's performance in San Luis Obispo. Ack! She's grown. I swear I'm going to have to wear platform heels around all the kids *sigh*. Her mom had told her I was coming to one of the shows, but not which one *grin* One of her friends was looking at me, and then at Shawna and trying to figure out which side of the family I was on *laugh* After much thinking, she finally asked "Is she your dad's sister or your mom's????"

The show is a mix of singing, dancing, sharing faith and a wee bit of fund raising - both for the tour itself and for the group that they've chosen to sponsor, American Leprosy Mission. (I didn't know that leprosy could be cured with a treatment that only costs $240.) The kids put on a great show - some of them have to learn how to dance within the one of week of rehearsal camp - others have been dancing for years. There is a tiny blond girl - with spiky hair - wow, can she sing. Shawna was just great! (and it's not just besotted aunt speaking)

Tuesday - home again home again... jiggity jig.


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Aug. 16th, 2002 05:23 pm (UTC)
Random comments about the trip
Re: Kwik-E-Mart directions
I swear, that guy in the convenience store was Apu from the Simpsons. I didn't think such a stereotype really existed....indian guy running a convenience store who could barely speak english. And who of course had no idea where Bay Avenue was. Lucky that lady overheard us asking him, or we'd still be driving around!

Re: the church
I'm surprised the church didn't fall down, after putting a buddhist and a gay, ex-catholic agnostic in a bapist church.

Re: Shawna and the mite w/lungs
Again, I'm going for likenesses here: I swear, Shawna looks soooo much like Kirsten Dunst. Hence her friend not getting how she could be the niece of an asian woman *g*

The spiky-haired girl had *some* voice on her. And she also looked quite a bit like Michele whatserface from Dawson's Creek too. Yes, I do watch too much tv.
Aug. 16th, 2002 05:25 pm (UTC)
Random comments about the trip
Oh, and I'd like to point out that we had to name the rental car. Since it was red (which is kind of *like* pink), small, and seemed to try really hard, we had to name it Piglet. Which if you know Debbie, makes sense.....
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