Debbie (debmats) wrote,

I either did REALLY well on my Perl quiz or REALLY badly - Regular expressions. Ick.

It would figure that things would go a bit wacky when the webmaster takes a few days off. Yesterday it was javascripting (syntax errors) and today it was adding a new webpage with lots of links of and stuff that needed to be up asap. Plus, several payroll issues...

Thanksgiving prep:


  • Safeway: 5cups of whipping cream, eggs and mushrooms

  • Boniere's: 4 dozen swedish rolls

  • Scalise's: pork for char siu

  • Chinatown: duck and chow mein

  • Prep: carrots, cucumbers, grape tomatoes, radishes

  • Chop up lettuce and tomatoes for mexican dip

  • Chop up onions for spanokopitas

  • Slice salami and cheese

  • 5 pans of finger jello


  • Boil or bake yams

  • Spanokopitas

  • Bake kabocha?

  • Pick up flowers

  • Pick up 4 bags of ice

Tags: perl, thanksgiving, work

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