Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Da weekend...

Had nothing really planned for the weekend - boy did that change pretty quick.

herefox came up on Friday - dinner at Acapulco as usual. Saturday morning was breakfast at Jim's, followed by a quick trip over to Oakland Airport. Dropped Foxy off for his yearly trek to his parents for Thanksigiving. I'll be picking him up next Sunday if he survives.

Drove to tealfox and andreal's to help with their move. Okay, it was early and I wasn't thinking. I'd forgotten to grab my phone (you know the one that has addresses and is a *phone* too?). I've been to Paulie and Noah's house many times. So why did I go to the wrong house? Had the house changed color? I went up to 372, knocked on the door and THANKFULLY got no response. I figured that they were probably doing a run to the new place and I'd just wait.

After a bit, I saw Noah get out of his car and go into a house a few doors down and...

Spent the next few hours loading up the van and various cars and making trips from the old place to the new place. Can I just say I'm a bit *envious*... *sigh* Kitchen AND family room WITH a fire place *sniff*.

Everything was pretty much moved with 3 trips. As I left, they were dealing with the movers...

Stopped by K's place. Helped a bit with the backyard clean up. Alani was all excited because she was going to spend the night at Sofia's. Kyle made puppy dog eyes at me, so he was going to have a sleep over at my place.

K, Kyle and I had dinner at Kamakura's. Kyle managed to eat two orders of negihama, two bowls of miso soup, ebi nigiri, and most of a bowl of udon - and he still had space for ice cream.

Dropped K off after a quick trip to Loard's for ice cream.

Kyle spent the next two hours playing Spyro the dragon and looking for eggs...

I had told him he could sleep in the living room, so he could get up as early as he wanted so he could play more Spyro. Last time, his watch alarm went off at 6AM!!!!

Well, he managed to sleep in the living room until the wind woke him up. I had to go make sure that no monsters were at the door. He ended up in my bed and STILL got up at 6:30 to go play on the PS2. I just rolled over and went back to sleep until my alarm went off at 8am.

Breakfast at MacDonald's - he loves their pancakes - usually two orders worth =) Gotta love his fast metabolism. He also loved the new Madagascar 2 Monkey that came in the Happy Meal. It talks. and talks. and talks. and talks. Oy.

Dropped him off at G's for parental switch off.

I get the both kids for a sleepover on Wednesday.

K had an extra ticket for the 40th Anniversary Concert of the San Francisco Taiko Dojo at the International Taiko Festival. I do like Taiko, but wasn't sure I was up to 4 hours worth.

40th Anniversary Concert
International Taiko Festival
Zellerbach Hall, UC Berkeley Campus
Saturday November 22nd, 7:00 pm
Sunday November 23rd, 3:00 pm

In Memory of Grand Master Daihachi Oguchi

Grand Master Seiichi Tanaka & San Francisco Taiko Dojo

Special Guests :
from Japan Grand Master Seido Kobayashi
& O Edo Sukeroku Taiko (

World Renown artist Kitaro (Sunday only)

Special Guests from Japan:
Tsuzumi Master Saburo Mochizuki
Tsuzumi Master Kiyonari Tosha
Taiko Master Megumu Nishino

Other Special Guests:
Shasta Taiko
Taiko Master Kenny Endo
Burlington Taiko - Vermont
Fubuki Daiko - Canada
Sacramento Taiko Dan
Fushu Daiko - Florida

Native American Leader Dennis Banks

Had lots of fun. By the end, my bum was definitely numb and so were my ears. It was a bit overwhelming =) I laughed during one of the hand drum performances. It was a mix of a whole lot of things - including bits of Mary Had a Little Lamb and We Shall Overcome. During one performance, you could hear Yuyake koyake(?) on the xylophone.

Dinner at Barney's...
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