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Interesting tv show *g*

Went to Foxy's place for dinner tonight. Had a lovely meal of pasta with an artichoke and tomato sauce, sauteed spinach with garlic, crunchy french bread from Molly Stone's and Sattui's merlot. Foxy, Nikari and I giggled the entire time while watching two episodes of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy show. Saw the episode with Vincent and the very cutie pie John. May have to watch this show (says she who last had her tv on to watch "tv" about two months ago)

Tried the Habhi'ru tape - oy, I do not bend that way and then played DDR.

Monday night, Foxy & I saw Aida at the AMTSJ. T'was weird - Zoser was played by "hey hey with the monkees" Mickey Dolenz. Thoroughly enjoyed the show - put the soundtrack in the cd player and we sang all the way home. Got goosebumps during Gods Love Nubia while Aida sang. Oy. The person singing Aida was the stand-in - not the headliner. Mega Oy.

It's after midnight and I just realized that I have to wrap a bunch of toddler shower gifts - leap pad, carrying case and 3 cartridges plus a foo-fee pink tiara with "crystal" jewels. Coworker Toni & her hubby just adopted a tiny 4 year old girl from Ecuador, so a bunch of us went in on the gift. How did I end up stuck with the wrapping job - me who hates wrapping??? Should have left them with Faith - she loves to wrap. =P
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