Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Happy 21st Birthday, Shawna Maria!!!

Wish I knew where you were and how you're doing... *sigh*

There is NOTHING MORE FRUSTRATING than have connection issues while you're trying to take a TEST!!! As I've had issues with dropped connections on my pc in the middle of previous tests, I decided I'd remote admin into my work pc and take the test from there. That way, if I lost my isp connection, I'd still be connected to the test. The test is a one shot deal - you can't reconnect to it.

Unfortunately, I picked the evening that the guys are doing some kind of maintenance on the network. There hadn't been any notification until about 4pm and I'd hoped that it wouldn't affect me. Nope. My radmin session kept freezing on me. It was only 10 questions, but it took forever to type everything in. grrrrrrrrrrr...
Tags: birthday, perl, work

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