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Me and most of the office were watching the voting results started at 4pm on Tuesday. Webmaster gave up trying to get any work done and just went home by 4:30 =)

I was working on my homework until my pc went nutso. Turned out that the mouse was malfunctioning. Jesus ended up updating the mouse driver and changing out the batteries. Just changing out the batteries hadn't solved the problem. Left the office around 7pm and by then, it was projected that Obama would win! He did! Yay!!!

Many of the issues that I had been following were too close to call and results wouldn't be in until very late. I'd been coming down with something, so I went to bed.

Very disappointed that prop 8 passed.

Today, I woke up with a sinus headache. The only thing that helps is to take meds and go back to bed and sleep it off. *sigh*

Wanted to take a hot shower and ... no water. Water will be turned off between noon and 5pm for repairs. *more sigh*
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