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Yay for fall back!!!!

Though I was awake by 6:30 this morning...

Apt is quiet - Paul and Valerie are still sleeping - though I did hear a cellphone a bit ago.

Yesterday, had a very nice time shopping and chatting with Valerie. Hit the Farmer's Market so Val could get a bag of Thai Chili peppers. I picked up some stuff for the week. We at least managed to not get too wet - boy did it pour yesterday! Paul and Dave and all those Cal fans got thoroughly drenched!

I introduced Val to the *joys* of Karaoke Revolution. hee hee. She was timid at first, but by the end of a 5 round contest, she was having a good ol' time =)

K and Alani stopped by to visit and stayed for dinner. We tried to order from Zachary's, but the phone line was busy, busy, busy. Gave up and ordered from Round Table. Alani made everybody watch Lilo and Stich and Escape to Witch Mountain.

Watched the 4th quarter of the Texas vs Texas Tech game. Exciting finish!

I think Val was going to do a Heroes marathon - Paul had already crashed.

OY!!! It's POURING again!

Not sure what's going to happen this morning. They're talking about meeting up with Tadesse to drop off a new phone. Then they're going to the Jason Mraz concert at the Greek - oy - outdoors and with the possibility of more rain...

ETA 1:30pm: Valerie ended up watching 7 episodes... *g*
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