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Adventures in voting...

As I've been having issues voting during the last two elections, I decided to vote early. This all started after I signed up for permanent vote by mail after I moved to the new place. For whatever reason, the ballot never arrived and I when I went to vote at my precinct, they said I'd have to fill out a provisional ballot as I was signed up for vote by mail.

Anyway, I drove over to around 11am to BART and used my NEW E-Z Rider pass to go through the gate. No problem, everything worked. Got to the platform and saw that I'd have to wait about 10 minutes.

NOPE! "The Fruitvale Station is NOW CLOSED. All riders please exit the platform and station"

There was a helicopter hovering over the station. There were Cops. The station was NOW CLOSED due to an act of civil disobedience - aka some people hopped over the gates. Why they hopped over the gates? Were they being chased? I don't know if they were searching for these people or what - there was nobody watching us exit the station. The entrance gate was closed off.

Waited a bit, but then said "phooey" and drove downtown to the courthouse. Parked at the Oakland Museum, and walked across the street to the courthouse. Went through security and down to the basement where you had to fill out a form, got your ballot and voted. Minimal wait and was home by 12:15. The parking lot attendent had black cat ears with Obama-Biden buttons as earrings. =)

Wonder what will happen with the "entry" at a BART station with no "exit" on the E-Z Rider pass???

Protesters disrupt service at BART stations
Several BART stations were closed temporarily this morning after disruptions by protesters heading to a San Francisco demonstration against immigration enforcement actions.

BART Police worked to restore order after large numbers of protesters were reported to have jumped fare gates.

The incidents began around 9:15 a.m. in what appeared to be a coordinated disruption. The stations that were temporarily closed included Richmond, West Oakland, Coliseum/Oakland Airport and Fruitvale. Service to all stations was restored by 11:45 a.m.

The protesters were heading to a midday demonstration in San Francisco against recent arrests made by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials.

BART officials cautioned that, "as long as sporadic protesting affects the safety of our passengers, BART may need to close stations as necessary today."

ETA: 09-07-09 - see this entry to find out what happened the next time I tried to use the E-Z ride pass.
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