Debbie (debmats) wrote,

birthday birthday birthday and more...

Happy Birthday Wee Willie!!!

Hope you have a wonderful day!

Speaking of birthdays, we celebrated G's last night. K made a prime rib dinner with mashed potatoes. There are some days when MEAT is good.

Alani had picked out the cake - chocolate with more chocolate. It had spider web with a purple spider and said "Happy Halloween!". ("Alani, it doesn't say happy birthday?" "But I like the spider and it's close to Halloween and I think Mommy needs a halloween cake!!") Ended up having the bakery add "Happy Birthday Mommy" in bright pink icing.

Kidlets slept over - Kyle watched Zathura and Alani & I played on the neopets site. Alani REALLY wants her own neopet. She'd like a red uni...

They were in bed by 10 and out soon after. Keoki-chan was up at 6 AM and has been playing Spyro the Dragon on the playstation the entire time. Miko-chan just woke up. Old MacDonald's in the near future with a trade off to S at 10am.
Tags: birthday, family, kidlets

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