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Post Operation Stalker...

So, a week ago Sunday, I slept most of the way back from Michigan to Indiana. Kev gets a gold star because he drove the entire trip - to and from! Tammy got the job of keeping da driver awake *g*. Dinner was at the Mongolian BBQ place - yum. I was craving lots of veggies AND they had duck. =)

Yakked until late with Tammy and Dan!

Slept late. Had Zingerman's bagels with fresh cheese and some chocolate cherry bread and green chile bread. Then it was time to say farewell to Tammy and then Kev & I drove back to St. Louis. Had dinner at a Chinese restaurant called Peggy's. Kev and Christopher are favorites of hers, so we also had delicious hot and sour soup on the house. (and crab rangoon too!). I had the seafood stir fry. I took over half of it home. =)

I fell asleep with a cat lying on my shoulder. Her nose was right by my nose. (I tend to sleep on my side)

Tuesday, I slept in. Did a little work. Mostly read. Borrowed Foundation by Mercedes Lackey from Kev and read it in two chunks. Kev came back around 1:30 and we had lunch (where???) and ran errands. UPS, Post Office. Penzey's? Union Station. We had lunch somewhere - but I don't remember. brain dead *sigh*

Kev, Christopher and I had dinner at Meskerem. I am totally hooked on injera! We ordered both the beef and the peas & lentils sambosas. We had the tibs wat, chicken doro, spicy shiro wat, collard greens (?) and something else.

Wednesday, I slept in again. Ate a very light breakfast (more Zingerman's bread) as we were going to go to one of my favorite restaurants for lunch.

Olga's Kitchen!!! They used to have these all over the place in northern CA from about high school through the early 90's? Then they all went away *sniff*. I knew they originated in MI, so I was sure I could drag Kev there some how. Turned out that it was one of his favorite childhood restaurants and he hadn't been to one in ages. We didn't make it to any in MI, but there are two within 20 minutes of his place. I had mapped out the one in Chesterfield, MO and ones close to ConClave, but *me* neglected to map out the one across the river in IL. This whole going a short distance and *bam* you're in another state still amazes me.

So, we went to the one in Fairview Heights, IL. Ah, the joys of an original olga with an olga salad and a piece of spinach pie. I was one happy camper. I even bought a bottle of the Olga's salad dressing. Score!!! Kev was disappointed that the curly fries were not the same as when he was a kid, but consoled himself with the tasty orange cream cooler.

After having their spinach pie way back when, I had to learn how to make it. The entire family was hooked on it. So now I make spinach pie every thanksgiving...

Wednesday night, I got to see Emma again!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!

Not only did Lianne Marie Dobbs (Emma) and Timothy Gulan (Mr. Knightley) reprise their roles, but so did Dani Marcus (Harriet Smith) - Humiliation hee!!, Suzanne Grodner (Miss Bates), Brian Herndon (Mr. Elton) and Travis Poelle (Frank Churchill). *squeeeeeee*

I WANT the cast album!!!
Thanks Kev for making it happen!

Thursday morning, after a quick breakfast at the St. Louis Bread Company, Kev dropped me off at the airport and I had a very uneventful trip home...

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